President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

October, 2022


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Dear CARMA Gentlemen,

Ken Nunnenkamp, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Virginia was our main speaker on Sept. 15.  It was great to hear how the RPV has been transformed with increased staff and expertise.  RPV is helping candidates with their campaigns and the local committees (units) statewide.  There is also a strong program to increase the number of Republican elections officers and poll watchers statewide.  There were many questions and answers.

The next CARMA luncheon will be on Thursday, October 20 at the highly rated Giuseppe s Italian Restaurant.

Congressman Rob Wittman will be our October 20 speaker.  He was first elected to serve the First Congressional District of Virginia - America's First District - in December of 2007. He was re-elected for his sixth full term in the House of Reps. in Nov. 2018.  In the U.S. Congress, Rob serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Natural Resources.  He is an expert in state government policy (PhD) and public health (MPH).

Ryan Holloway will be our November 17 speaker.  He has served as the Exec. Director of Care Net Peninsula since 2019. Raised in Poquoson, Ryan graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Economics and Political Science and holds an MBA from Regent University. Prior to his leadership role at Care Net Peninsula, Ryan served as a missionary in the Dominican Republic. Care Net knows that too often women think abortion is the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy, so they provide the help and hope that women need to choose life for their baby.

The Annual Danny Diggs Golf Tournament on September 20 was super. Michael Brown, George Spalthoff, Wayne Garber and I played as a foursome on a beautiful day.  We were very impressive … just ask us.

The Fall WJCCRC Fundraiser and Silent Auction was at the Williamsburg Winery on Sept. 26 at 6pm.  The main speaker was Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert.  His wisdom and humor were delightful and interesting.

Wind Turbines, the RGGI and the Inflation Reduction Act.   Thanks to former Gov. Northam (idiot), another giant windmill project is starting off the Va. Beach coast.  Cost over $20B, billions of profit are projected for Dominion Energy.  Thousands of jobs promised.  Also, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is underway with Gov. Youngkin hitting the brakes.  Thank you Glenn.  The costs will be covered by our electricity rate hikes.  Why are thousands of new jobs needed? Maybe the unions know that answer.  Performance and financial savings guarantees are missing. I can’t find a good explanation about how windmills that are 17 miles out in the ocean can supply efficient, secure power supplies. Then there is the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which is mostly about controlling the climate and pollution with expensive green technology. Why did the Dims mis-name this legislation if it is so wonderful?  All of these projects and programs require enormous subsidies, grants and green tax credits to be justified.  The proponents are drooling with excitement.  The federal credits are really printed money that increase our taxes and national debt.  I think the acronym IRA will soon be more accurate because our retirement savings will provide the funding.

Events: Please attend the next monthly WJCCRC meeting on Wednesday October 26 at 6pm as we approach the November elections. Our local Republican Committee meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday at the Williamsburg Library. Visit for information and to join. We need tent staff and poll watchers.

The main Fall election is Tuesday Nov. 8 and early voting started on Friday, September 23. Volunteers needed.

Contact me anytime at [email protected] or 202-494-8161.

Ask your friends to catch the RED WAVE.

Terry Ricks, CARMA President

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