President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

April, 2019


Terry Ricks

To My Fellow CARMA Members,

My name is Terry Ricks and as some of you may know, I have been selected to be the next CARMA President.  I am indeed honored and grateful that I can assume this role now that Chuck Misak has announced that he will be moving to Maryland for family reasons.  We will miss Chuck and all his wisdom during the past years.  We hope that he can stay in touch either in person or electronically.  When I first met Chuck and then spoke with Tom Gee, I learned about CARMA’s respect for traditional American values, smart analysis of this region’s and country’s issues and its support for our conservative office holders and future political candidates.  Our vision is very compelling and we can withstand any liberal attack.

Let me briefly introduce myself.  My wife, Kathy, and I moved to Williamsburg four years ago.  Our families have always loved this area.  Prior to our relocation, I worked around the DC metro area as a project manager with several large systems engineering firms.  I also had some leadership roles with various associations such as the Fairfax Hospital Association, the Northern Virginia YMCA, several Methodist churches and the Coalition for Government Procurement.  Like all of you, I follow our nation’s political combat every day and I am extremely concerned about the liberal insanity which is supported by the powerful media and massive amounts of domestic and international funding.  I have been meeting with the Board and I look forward to meeting every one of you.

At our last meeting on March 21, CARMA focused on the free speech issues on college campuses.  As reported by the national media­, the freedom to express conservative ideas via speeches, writings and displays on campus has too often been restricted and assaulted.   Not only have high profile conservative speakers been banned, interrupted and attacked on campuses but regular students and honorable college organizers face intimidation by the left.  This growing wave of unreasonable bias and anger must stop.  Competing ideas must be discussed in a civil manner.

Speakers from The Leadership Institute (LI) and were invited to review this disturbing situation on the nation’s campuses.  LI spokesmen, Allen Clark and John McGovern addressed CARMA.  They discussed numerous cases of treacherous leftist intimidation and assaults on campuses by protestors, professors and administrators.   There is also photographic evidence proving that conservative ideology displays have been destroyed. At least six universities have been sued successfully and forced to address these issues. We are glad to learn that conservative optimism has grown during the last few years as thousands of students and professors have stood up to the anti-free speech activists, professors and administrators.  Let’s help them correct this imbalance.

Our next luncheon will be on Thursday April 18.  It is anticipated that our speakers will be students from William and Mary.  Please check our website from time to time.  There is a lot of great information there.

And contact me anytime at [email protected] or on my old DC cell phone 202-494-8161.

Terry Ricks
CARMA President

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