President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

June, 2019


Terry Ricks

Gentlemen of CARMA, I am told our May luncheon was quite informative with Melanie Rapp Beale and Scott Stevens presenting.  Melanie discussed her strong candidacy for the 96th District; and Scott provided great information about James City County’s water supply concerns and the current solutions being studied.  His civil engineering and city management background are really needed for these complicated and expensive projects.

Please join me in welcoming our new members such as Jim, Bob, Wilmot, Gene and Campbell.  When you see a new face at the luncheon, please sit at their table and introduce yourself.  To start a lively conversation, tell each other about one of Trump’s latest heckling of a foolish Democrat.  If you are a member that I have not met then please come talk to me so I can better remember you.

Here are some brief updates about one of my favorite battles - college free-speech victories.  A University of Illinois teaching assistant received court punishment for breaking a conservative student’s phone.  Los Angeles’ Pierce College was ordered to pay $225,000 and Kellogg Community College was ordered to pay $55,000, both from lawsuits restricting U.S. Constitution handouts. Other free speech lawsuits have been reported at Ball State, Amherst, Rutgers, S.E. Louisiana and Kennesaw State.  These judgments also require policy changes and expanded free speech zones.  Way past due!

Turning to our districts, I must address an embarrassing local controversy that was revealed last month.  Without getting into the details in this letter, I must criticize that it is not smart for any community organization to widely broadcast written disagreements that can be and should be resolved privately.   When a team is building to be a winner, irresponsible hallway or locker room talk can be detrimental to the mission.

With the June 11th primary approaching, my recent reading focus has been on voter fraud.  You are all familiar with traditional election cheating such as voting by the dead and offering alcohol and a ride to the polls.  These days,  Obama’s ACORN community voting block recruiters, the non-citizen voters in Texas, and the lost boxes of votes in Florida have been upstaged by the statewide official voting corruption in California.

Although the Democrats in California did not need any more power, they supercharged their campaign influence by enacting their September, 2016 Assembly Bill 1921 and their April, 2018 Motor Voter automatic registration program.

AB1921 now allows mail ballots to be distributed door-to-door and turned in by anyone without chain of custody requirements.  This voting method is easily corrupted and called “ballot harvesting.  In some elections, votes can be turned in after an election thereby allowing the loser to obtain the necessary votes to overturn the election. 

The DMV Motor Voter program was supposed to guard against voting registration for non-citizens.  California public records report that over one million non-citizens were issued drivers licenses during the past four years.  Guess what else happened.

Forty-six of California’s fifty-three congressional delegates are Democrats.  The Governor is a Democrat.  Both Senators are Democrats.  All state wide elected officials are Democrats.  Many states have outlawed ballot harvesting. Thank goodness, Virginia still requires voter identification.  About 20 states do not require proper voter identification.  Let’s hope the GOP can identify more fraud and bolster investigations.

I finished this letter on Memorial Day and travelled to Colonial Williamsburg to watch and hear the Fifes and Drums march and honor soldiers of the American Revolution and the Civil War.   We are grateful for all the dedication and sacrifices of our military.  Please continue your efforts and donations supporting our fight against the godless leftists.

The next Williamsburg JCC Committee meeting is Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at 7:00 pm at the Greenwood Christian Academy in the Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center.  Our next CARMA luncheon is Thursday, July 18th.  Look for new members and invite them.

 (References: California Globe, EIB Monthly, Washington Times, Wikipedia)

And contact me anytime at [email protected] or on my DC cell phone 202-494-8161.

Terry Ricks
CARMA President

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