President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

September, 2017




 We are in the election cycle and the stakes are high for the James City County Board of Supervisors. We have an opportunity to turn away two individuals, one an incumbent and one candidate we know well, who does not represent our values and ideals. If we can get our candidates, Joe Swanenburg and Tom Phillips, on the Board we will have a Republican majority. More importantly, we will have added two individuals who have their act together. Joe is one of the most informed in the county on the issues. Tom’s background is in engineering, with lots of experience in installing large water supply systems, including desalination plants.


Additionally, we must see Brenda Pogge win the 96th VA House District and Heather Cordasco win the 93rd. Hard to find anyone with more knowledge of the issues than these two—and with excellent judgement. It just doesn’t get any better.


Please support these candidates in any and all ways you can. Money is a big way to support them. As Brenda says, “Money is the ammunition of politics.” And it WILL make a difference. Let’s not catch ourselves complaining about decisions by the Board of Supervisors or in Richmond –and we didn’t contribute to get our people in office.


Lastly, the Historic Triangle Republican Women’s Group is sponsoring a GOP Reception at Kingsmill on 1 Oct. Candidates from Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, Rob Wittman, and many others will be there. You can find out more about this on the CARMA web site and you can order tickets thru this link: (Click On it!)


See you at the CARMA Luncheon on Thursday the 21st.


CHUCK MISAK, President