President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

August, 2019



Dear Gentlemen of CARMA,

I hope you are all having a good summer and not too hectic.  Just remember that the heat calls for cool beverages and a shady spot to lounge.  Treat your family to some summer fun.  Here is a brief recap of our July 18 luncheon meeting.

Heather Cordasco, candidate for the 93rd District, arrived at Giuseppe’s early with a personal donation to CARMA (much appreciated). Then she spoke for a few minutes about her renewed campaign for Virginia General Assembly Delegate.  The 93rd District boundary has been changed somewhat so she has begun introducing herself to many new neighborhoods in Yorktown with CARMA volunteers helping.  More helpers are needed for door-to-door campaigning for Heather, and also for David Hardin (W-JCC Sheriff,) and Trevor Herrin (JCC Supervisor – Robert’s District.)

Jeff Ryer, Senior assistant to Senator Tommy Norment, was our main speaker and he gave a lively presentation about what is happening in Richmond and around the state.  In response to some questions, Jeff explained that by law, the Virginia Senate cannot subpoena and hold hearings concerning the highly publicized allegations involving our Governor, the Lieutenant Governor or the Attorney General. It is hard to believe that those guys are still in office. He also spoke about fund raising and gerrymandering around the state and big money being donated to the Virginia Democrats by out-of-state sources.  Virginia Republican candidates for the General Assembly and the Virginia Senate have been losing elections and they need your donations and volunteer efforts more than ever.  For news about Virginia politics, visit

And Joe Mann attended.  That was very special because we have not seen him in some months.  He continues to provide us with great advice and analysis. He also spoke about the extra efforts and devotion to the Republican cause by Jay Everson and Jeff Ryer.

We are happy to see new members and guests. New members and returning members are Trevor Herrin, Martin Thiel, Dave Westenberger and Bo Wingate.  And there are three new CARMA Board members filling open assignments.  They are Greg Dowell, Ron Dunn and Art Garrison.  At our recent Board meeting, our old bylaws had been smartly revised to be congruent with CARMA’s true practices and will be voted on at the next meeting.  Also, CARMA campaign donations were approved for several local candidates who are running against opponents in the November 5th election.

Down near the marina and ferry, the energy level skyrocketed in Jamestown. Last week was a very exciting time in the Williamsburg area with a visit from President Trump!  He travelled to Historic Jamestown and Jamestown Settlement to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first representative legislative assembly meeting in the New World. These ceremonies were just down the street from my home. And I was lucky enough to get a ticket to attend a wonderful commemoration for all Americans. Wearing my navy suit that still fits and my Republican elephant tie, I was amazed to see the variety of people standing in the security scan line for the event, all dressed up. There were former Virginia Governors, Democrats, Senators, Delegates, association leaders, business executives, staffers and interns. Also, Native American Indian leaders in traditional ceremonial attire. The press, camera pros, and security officers were everywhere.

It was clear that the event organizers invited involved individuals from the spectrum viewpoints.  Although I do not agree with a lot of different perspectives, it can be helpful to hear what other people are thinking and what their goals are.  The ceremony and speakers allowed the liberals to hear many of CARMA’s own priorities.


One of the surprising speakers who really stood out was State Senator Toi Hutchinson from Illinois.  She knocked it out of the park with her speech and got a standing ovation.  Although a liberal, she appeared interested in listening and called for allowing different views to be included in the legislative process.  She was not insulting or disrespectful to the Republican party.  She made plenty of eye contact with the audience and showed true sincerity, which was refreshing from a Democrat. 


Then Presdient Trump took the podium.  This was a ceremony and not a rally.   President Trump retraced history and spoke about the 400th anniversary. He told of how the legislative process in this country all started in Jamestown, when he said: “From modest beginnings, the first legislative assembly in America would usher in a new era of government that derives its power from the consent of the people…Four centuries later, the great American Experiment of democratic principles that began in Jamestown continues to thrive.”  He even managed to stay bold and cool when a sneaky protestor, a recently elected Northern Virginia democratic delegate (idiot), revealed hidden posters and stood in front of the podium, rudely interrupting President Trump. 


After the speeches, I liked our CARMA Treasurer, Michael Brown’s comments and I paraphrase some here… “America’s growth and improvements are more important than the people who speak of only impeachment and wildly expensive, economy wrecking giveaways.   We should be primarily focused on the issues that matter to the most citizens over the long run.  However, as long as the Democratic controlled large media companies are focused on throwing rocks at the Republicans and continuing their biased coverage, we will continue to struggle to make our viewpoints known and logic understood.  The extreme partisanship seen today increases the toxic political environment.  Some effective political compromise would be welcomed by most everyone.”


Even my lovely wife, who is not politically oriented, was surprised to see that almost all of the mainstream news coverage, immediately focused on the stupid protestor, not on the significance of the Jamestown 400th anniversary or President Trump’s participation in the ceremony with many other great speakers. 


Finally, there will not be a luncheon in August, and our next luncheon will be on September 19 at Giuseppe’s.  Please register early so that the restaurant can be told what meals to prepare. Speakers have not been selected yet. 


And please attend the W-JCCRC meeting on August 28 at 7pm at Greenwood Christian Academy.  I encourage all CARMA members to stay engaged, volunteer, donate, call and write letters.  November 5th is fast approaching.  Thank you for your membership!




    Terry Ricks, CARMA President

Thanks! A request to all of you for your participation, ideas, questions and donations.

Our next CARMA luncheon is Thursday, Sept. 19th.
Look for new members and invite them.


And you may contact me anytime at [email protected] or on my cell phone @ 202-494-8161.

Terry Ricks
CARMA President

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