President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

February 8-22, 2019




To start the discussion on laying more tax on the “rich” or the plan to tax the wealth (net worth) of the “rich”—the progressives latest push-- let’s start with a discussion of the tycoons of the early U.S.

Tremendous economic and social benefits derived from Vanderbilt’s railroads, Carnegie’s steel, and Rockefeller’s oil.  These individuals took tremendous risks to build these businesses, these industries and employed hundreds of thousand of individuals, and made life a lot easier for just about everybody.  (Milton Friedman states capitalism has brought millions out of poverty and in to the middle class. Economic history has clearly showed this to be correct).  Entrepreneurs like these across America, yes the dreaded capitalists, are responsible to the employment of millions of our citizens-putting food on their tables, cars in their garages, TV’s in their living rooms, and their children through college. It is only possible because the businessmen had the money to start and/or expand their businesses. Wealth in their hands is good—as opposed to what DeBlasio thinks (i.e., “there’s plenty of money, it’s just in the wrong hands.”)

Yet, Senator Warren is constantly haranguing them, degrading them. This attitude toward wealth creation is one of the most idiotic, illogical attitudes one could have. Who is going to employ the masses? Her? With what? No, it takes capital (and risk acceptance) to bring along new businesses and those that do are certainly motivated by big returns. Take that away and what are the results? Ayn Rand explained it in ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ 

This constant degrading by some of the Democrats of successful entrepreneurs and wealth can be dismissed by a simple statement attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “You don’t make the poor rich by making the rich poor.” And why is that true? Because the pursuit of wealth is NOT A ZERO SUM GAME.” As our ancestors in America showed, for the first time too, wealth can be created. It doesn’t have to be the result of looting, plundering or inheritance (as in the Old World): IT CAN BE CREATED.

And it takes wealth and capitalism to do that. And yes, capitalism will result in some getting quite wealthy—while employing and enriching millions. Warren and her ilk just don’t get this.

We simply have too many economic charlatans promoting ideas far outside of their realm of their expertise: Warren and Cortez quickly come to mind, Cortez particularly with her “democratic socialism,” which would lead to autocratic  decisions on what us consumers are going to offered to buy. Every socialist idea, every plan is ruinous and destroys freedom of choice—to every country it visits. And yes, taxing the assets of the wealthy is a precept of the flag bearer of socialism/communism—Karl Marx.

See you on Feb 21, when our guest speaker will be Mr. Jack Wilson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Charles Misak, President

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