President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

November, 2019




Dear Gentlemen of CARMA;

The October 17th  luncheon meeting was one of our best with about 35 members and guests attending to hear our special speaker, Scott Walter, President of the Capital Research Center  CRC is America’s foremost investigative think tank focused on legal and illegal campaign donations, clandestine maneuvers of the Leftists and the anti-American fake news media.  CARMA was able to schedule this unique leader as a speaker because of his working relationship with Heather Cordasco.  In addition to his leadership at CRC, Mr. Walter is also a regular contributor to  

Mr. Walter gave an overview of how 501(c-d) non-profit organizations are being used to channel billions of dollars into political campaigns. Leftist organizations discussed were the George Soros’ Open Society foundation, the crippled Clinton Foundation, the Arabella Advisors’ Divisions, Demand Justice, Fix The Court, Democracy Alliance, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.  The CRC has a fantastic website that allows viewers to search about any political organization and learn about its funding methods and questionable activities.

I urge each member to donate to the CRC and begin receiving their fantastic magazine issues throughout the year.  It is the most unique and informative publication that I receive.  The recent 2019, Issue 5 analyses partisan gerrymandering, radical environmentalism, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (the anti-West CAIR), The Clinton Foundation, and the dark money organization named NEO Philanthropy.  The articles are in-depth and professional.

I want to welcome our newest members:  Stan Clarke, Roger Heflin, Gary Maynor, Don MacDougall, Chris Marple, Mike Mitchell, Martin Thiel, David Westenberger and Bo Wingate.  They are all fine gentlemen with interesting backgrounds.  Let’s make them feel welcome at our future luncheons and meet-ups.  Watch your email for our next new member Happy Hour date and time, and more fun delicious breakfasts at the Williamsburg National Golf Course. (WNGC)

Our bundling project led by our Treasurer, Michael Brown has been a tremendous  success.  Thousands of additional dollars have been donated to our candidates who are in tough races.  We are very fortunate to have Michael’s leadership and advice.  Michael also submitted a candidate support letter to the newspaper as did Ron Smith, Bob Deeds, Michael Kirby, Art Garrison.   CARMA continues to be highly regarded because of these volunteer efforts.

Some of us have been walking door to door campaigning for our candidates.  Often no one answers the door and other times only the dogs acknowledge my presence so I leave the candidates’ cards at the front door, wedged somewhere or under a windshield wiper.  Many times I can tell the front door is never used with its webs and leaves.  The landscaping, construction projects, decorations, signs, cameras are always different and I find the street  adventures fascinating.  Most who answer my rings are polite, listen to my pitch and questions and take my cards.  Occasionally, I hand my CARMA card to a smart gentleman.  Some say go away in various ways. LOL.  Yesterday a woman stood on the front porch and condemned all Republicans because Trump is loud, rude and profane.  I smiled and thought “Keep fighting Mr. President.”  With that shallow criteria, I guess she would not vote for me either.

The Tuesday November 5th  election will be exciting and hopefully successful for our many hard working candidates.  That evening the W-JCC Republican Party will host an evening party at the WNGC. The next CARMA luncheon meeting will be on Thursday, November 21st  at 11:30 at Giuseppe’s Restaurant.

We have arranged for Hal Metcalfe to speak about the FBI. He is a retired FBI agent who has been asked to speak about the FBI organization, and all the "W's" - who what when why, etc.   Please visit and find/print/mail your luncheon reservation with check.  Invite your conservative friends and ask them to join CARMA.  The best deal in town.

Terry Ricks
CARMA President
[email protected] or 202-494-8161


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