President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

April-May, 2018



REDUCING MASS SHOOTINGS                             


Students, being used as pawns, demonstrating in the streets, saying what they’ve been told to say: “We need more gun control.”  Politicians, OFA, probably Soros and other left leaning “progressives” are manipulating our youth to further the Democratic political machine and its membership rolls. They propose no actions that will be effective and worse, they stifle discussion on the changes that would work. Shame on these adults.


The first point to discuss is: It is important to understand that criminals, psychopaths, and those led to these mental states via psychotropic drugs, are not the least inhibited by laws. Laws mean nothing to them. I read from a Baltimore reporter shortly after the recent shooting at a MD state school : “I can’t see how this could have happened. The shooter was only 17 and you must be 21 to buy a handgun in MD.” What world does this person live in? And the authorities in Nevada are still trying to determine the “motive” for the mass shooter firing from the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  Look for the motive…or look for his mental illness and/or use of drugs?


One major area to look into is the use of psychotropic drugs. Two credible writers state that the most common denominator in all mass shootings has been the perpetrator’s use of psychotropic drugs. Perhaps we need to develop a different protocol for those using these drugs, to include more regular evaluations by the doctor prescribing them.


Next, as everyone knows, our mental health care is virtually non-existent. We need to fund and develop robust care for anyone who shows violent tendencies…institutional long-term care. They are too dangerous to be at home or on the streets. Case in point: Ex-governor Gilmore takes his son to a medical facility for an emergency evaluation. He should have been put in a psych ward and because there are no beds, Governor Gilmore takes him home. At home, he attacks Gilmore, then commits suicide. In other cases, a woman is unable to get psychiatric care for her violence prone children and has to lock their bedroom doors from the inside, due to the threat the family member poses. We need massive changes in this area of healthcare, which were essentially eliminated by the Community Mental Health Care Act of 1963. For those who commit mass murders who have shown no sign of violence before…I don’t have an answer to that.


And please don’t get “locked” on gun control as THE solution. And don’t get locked on to thinking one type of weapon is the bogeyman. The semi-automatic ArmaLite 15 is NOT an assault weapon. The US Army owns that definition and defines it as a rifle capable of selective fire…meaning it can fire in the fully automatic mode or the semi-automatic mode.


I seem to think our culture is to blame. Look at the violence in the movies, TV shows, and all the video games kids play on their I-Phones, I-Pads, and other devices. I shudder when I watch my grandkids playing those games. Contrast this to my high school days when I would go duck or geese hunting before school, then leave the loaded gun in the car, keys in it. Short of the Chicago mobs, I never remember any mass shootings.


Let’s look for a realistic solution that we can implement. “Common sense” (whatever that is) gun control laws are not the answer. There are 300,000,000+ guns in the U.S. and they are not going away. And I don’t need a 2nd Amendment to tell me I have a right to own a gun and don’t even know why that was inserted in the Constitution. God gave me the right to own a firearm to protect myself and my family. Same as he gave me an ax and a knife.


We need to look at the real reasons for mass shootings and get the politicians off their “more gun laws” bandwagon, which has had zero success in stopping these horrendous events.




We are attempting to have as our luncheon speaker in May, one of the US Senate Candidates.  We will post the name on the CARMA website once we have a confirmation.  Hopefully many of you will attend the Thursday, May 17th Luncheon.


Charles K. Misak, CARMA President