President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

April, 2024


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Dear CARMA Members and other Honorable Conservative Gentlemen,

I hope everyone had a good Easter and were able to visit or speak with their families and friends.

Please join us and bring your friends to our luncheons and events.  Register at CARMA is growing along with the W-JCC Republican Committee and our other local Republican clubs.  We have delicious and interesting luncheons with speakers on various topics: local, state and national politics, Virginia history, local government operations, technology and lots of humor.  Our local office holders and candidates are always on our schedule.  CARMA is a respected GOP donor at the RPV.

See the great articles, events updates and club photos at This is a fantastic website managed by George Spalthoff.  Standing ovations are also deserved for Michael Brown, Treasurer; Jay Everson, VP Luncheons Coordinator; Art Garrison, VP Speakers Scheduling, Cary Taylor, VP Membership, and our senior advisors, Bob Deeds, Steve Mains and Norb Smith.  Our board is outstanding and this team helps me every week.  I truly appreciate their wisdom and supportive actions.

The previous CARMA luncheon was on Thursday, March 21st  with Ryan McDougle, Virginia State Senator and County Attorney.  Our next luncheon is on April 18th and our key speaker will be Delegate Amanda Batten.  Amanda will have plenty to review from the recent Richmond legislative session. Invite Friends and welcome them to the CARMA family.

Our most recent CARMA Happy Hour was on March 30th at the Colonial Heritage Grill in the big clubhouse.  Only four attended and others could not because of Easter travel plans and some illness.  Next time, I will not choose Easter weekend. We are looking for more Happy Hour attendees, organizers and locations.  Contact Artie Bornschein or me, and we will schedule another.

Sue Sadler, former member of the JCC Board of Supervisors, was elected to be the next WJCCRC Chair at the Mass Meeting on March 23.  Over 150 local Republicans attended. Congratulations Sue!

The next WJCCRC monthly meeting will be on Wednesday April 24th at 6pm at the main Williamsburg Library at 515 Scotland Street.  The new board will be in place and important projects and committees will be reviewed. Visit for information about joining WJCCRC and the meetings.

Future Events: April 16th at 6:30 School Board mtg at James Blair School,  April 22nd at 5:00 Ukraine and Russia Presentation at the Library,  April 23rd at 2:00 Congressman Wittman at the Rec Center, April 30th at 6:00 Dave Brat, former Congressman, Business and Economics Expert at the Library auditorium. The Breakfast Club meets every Tuesday at 8:15 am at Sandy’s Pancakes Restaurant.  June 18th Primary Election to choose which Republican Candidate (there are eight) will run against incumbent Tim Kaine to become U.S. Senator.

Comments… Much heated drama has occurred during the WJCC schools budget voting when school board member and CARMA member Michael Hosang asked some common sense questions about unanswered budget planning topics and when he also expressed concern about the difficulty that teachers encounter when educating an entire classroom of students when some do not speak English.  One of the city’s appointed School Board members quickly called him a racist and distorted his questions and comments.  The Superintendent, the teacher’s union and other local progressive liberals jumped on the attack wagon publicly.  Many of our local Republican leaders are supporting Michael and calling for apologies and corrections to the verbal and printed attacks.  Show your support for Michael by attending the School Board meetings (next one on April 16) and by following future reports about this slander.


Contact me anytime for more information at or 202-494-8161.  Please visit our great website  Read the articles and humor and the Republican Creed..  The luncheon reservation menu form is there.  Thank you for your support.  Let’s discuss your ideas!
Terry Ricks
CARMA President 


Updated - 04/08/24