President’s Message to the CARMA Membership

April, 2023


CARMA President - Terry Ricks

Dear CARMA Gentlemen,

Our March 16th speaker was Michael Lavin, the Director of Collections and Conservation at Jamestown Rediscovery FoundationJRF is affiliated with Preservation Virginia, a private non-profit organization.  He discussed JRF’s operations, the Jamestown Archaearium, current and future programs, and flooding damages.  There are over 3 million relics from the earliest 1607 landing, and from the original fort and the Civil War era Fort Pocahontas.

The next CARMA luncheon will be on Thursday, April 20th at the highly rated Giuseppe s Restaurant. 
Download your reservation form from and mail it with your check to the CARMA PO Box.
Our first speaker will be Tye Lageman, Chairman of the Williamsburg - James City County Republican Committee.  He will review the candidates running for the various offices in the November election.  Our main speaker will be Virginia Delegate Amanda Batten of the 96th District (soon to be the 71st District).  She was elected in 2019.  She is the Chairwoman of the Virginia House Republican Caucus and a member of other committees and organization boards.   She has much to tell us about the recent House/Senate sessions in Richmond.

Events:  The next WJCCRC monthly meeting will be Wednesday April 26th at 6pm .  Please join the committee and attend our meetings at our new location at Powhatan Creek Settlement Clubhouse. Visit for information and to join.  We have a great new project to build a WJCC Republicans database and to get out the Republican voters by neighborhood door to door voter education. Our November election candidates are attending and speaking. And for you early birds, the popular Breakfast Club is continuing to meet every Tuesday morning at 8am at Sandy’s Pancake Restaurant.  Project volunteers are needed.  Stand up, be informed, volunteer, be strong!

Art Garrison, our VP of Programs and VP of the Williamsburg Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, was interviewed for a Gazette article about The National Vietnam Veterans Day Ceremony at Veterans Park on March 29th at 1:00.  He explained how the returning Veterans encountered both an apathetic public and sometimes hostile and abusive individuals.  That was disgraceful.  At the ceremony, there will be a guest speaker and certificates and pins will be distributed to all attending veterans and surviving spouses. Please attend and donate.
Richmond Reviews:  During this past session, Delegate Batten has worked tirelessly on the process for removing problematic registrars, improving campus safety, facilitating tele-health services, and overhauling Dominion Energy regulatory structures. She has also promoted proper licensing for earned wage access specialists, more available and focused school counselors and reduced rate college tuitions for students enrolled in high demand jobs classes.

Victor Davis Hanson, a favorite author, wrote about “The Price of Eliminating Consequences.”  He reviewed how thieving thugs are not arrested, city trashers are allowed to stay, high level officials lie with impunity, illegals and drugs cross the border untouched, China distributes disease and fentanyl, spying is encouraged and irresponsible bankers and regulators are forgiven with gold.  Criminality is redefined as a lifestyle choice based on legitimate grievances.  Our leaders and country are laughed at internationally.  A Hobbesian culture is growing in America with unrestrained, selfish, brutish competition.  Please volunteer and donate to restore United States glory.

One last smile … Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana was shocked one day when some aliens approached him from a spaceship.  They demanded that he take them to our leader.  He turned red with embarrassment.

Contact me anytime at [email protected] or 202-494-8161.  Thank you for your fellowship and support.
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Terry Ricks,  CARMA President    Please visit our great website